Imaginary Catherine Keener

from by No Promises

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it's been a long Saturday night out on the town
you wanna cruise back home and just lay your head down
but there is something you should never forget to do
and there's a captivating woman who's reminding you
oh yeah you're living alone, you split up with your girl
you're getting lazy in your bachelor world
but if you ever want to love again
you'd better listen to this my friend

there's an imaginary Catherine Keener
in your head helping you to remember
to always brush twice daily and floss every twenty-four hours
so if you're feeling all alone in the night
you've got to try to do at least this right
imagine Catherine with you, giving you the strength to fight
for oral hygiene, yeah

she's got a big, bright smile and a regal way
you gonna listen to whatever she say
she gonna separate the men from the boys
she gonna clue you in to one of life's joys
your little room's got only half a bath
but in your make believe you're brushin' with Cath
her counter tile is a dusty pink
you're there together at the double sink

she's an imaginary Catherine Keener
no less real in this moment beside you
than all your self-destructive fears and that harrowing loneliness
so when you're feeling like it's all you can stand
just close your eyes at the mirror and take her hand
and then in tiny circles scrub those ivories unto the promised land
of oral hygiene, yeah


from Demo, track released April 21, 2015




No Promises San Diego, California

Yum Yum: guitars, vocals
Cryin' Ryan Bradford: drums

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